Remote Learning Returns

Remote Learning Returns

The Premier, Daniel Andrews, has made announcements about changes to school arrangements.

For Hopetoun P-12 College the following applies:

Monday 3rd August = school as normal

Tuesday 4th August = Pupil Free Day for all students

Wednesday 6th August = Remote Learning for all students Prep to Year 12. Children of essential workers may attend school.

We need all students at school on Monday (unless unwell) to attend to lick up their books and computers in readiness for Remote Learning.

Don’t forget to wear your face covering.


Face Coverings in Schools

Yesterday the Premier, Daniel Andrews, announced that all Victorians are required to wear masks commencing Sunday 3rd August at 11.59pm.  Some of the details around the wearing of masks by students have yet to be finalised by the Department of Education.


Secondary children 12 years and older must wear a mask.

Primary students, regardless of age, do not have to wear a mask but may choose to do so.  Students with a medical condition associated with breathing or skin condition preventing them from wearing a mask are exempt from the requirement to wear a mask.

Pending further advice, it is recommend that no student in the age bracket above leave home on Monday morning and thereafter without a mask.

Parents are asked to make the necessary arrangements to provide masks for their child.

It is expected that secondary students travelling to and from school, including on the buses, will wear a mask.

It is recommended that home-made or commercially approved masks be worn.  If the masks are home-made, then the suggestion is that they be made to meet the guidelines provided by DHHS. See the DHHS website for details. It is preferred that bought or home-made masks be plain, school colour grey or maroon, however I am aware that colour choices may be very limited at present.

Masks with offensive, rude or suggestive words, logos or patterns are not to be worn at school or travelling (including walking) to or from school.

I will provide you with additional information as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you for your cooperation and support during these extraordinary times.

Graeme Holmes  (Principal)

August 2020


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